Paprika World

Discover Paprika World!

Explore Paprika World and bring back the hidden items lost by the friends of Stan & Olivia.
Will you be able to help you favorite twins to collect all the items?

  • Paprika World is a family game for both parents & children:
    2 colorful & fun environments, filled with plenty of items!
  • Simple controls, easy to play
  • Hours of exploration and discoveries in a safe environment
  • Play for free

We hope you will enjoy discovering Paprika world with your children!

Olivia & Stan twins from the animation show “Paprika”:
When the Paprika twins team up together, no hurdle’s too high! They take everyday life and turn it into a wonderful, colorful and zany adventures! The sky’s the limit for their imagination, which just goes to prove that you don’t have to grow up or trot the globe to discover the most amazing things…right here at home!

Thank you and have fun!


Adventure / Mind Game
iOS & Android
Target audience:
Preschool / Family
December 2017

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