A New Kind of Magic

More Magic, More Fun,

More Delirious Characters!


Tom and Cindy have left the world of fairy tales for the real world, along with their parents; a carefree fairy, a repentant ogre and a terrifying witch-aunt who’s anything but repentant. They all try to solve their problems the easy way, with a magic wand! But in the real world, no one can guarantee you Happily Ever After!

Production Information

26 half-hours (Season 1) + 52 X 13′ (Season 2)
Target Audience:
6 – 11
Xilam Animation
Year Production:
Created by:
Michel Coulon & Arthur de Pins
Directed by:
Charles Vaucelle (Season 1) & William Renaud (Season 2)

Did you know?

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