Boon & Pimento

If you could have anything you wanted delivered to your door,

what would you get?


Boon (a lazy cat) and Pimento (a hyperactive rabbit) live in a quirky house in the middle of the desert. Fortunately, they have access to a website where they can order anything they want!

Here’s the rub: for every little problem that crops up in their lives, they try to order a solution from the website. Confused by the magnitude of items available, Pimento can’t help but ordering something that is not exactly suited to their needs like a hair dryer to reheat pizza or a vacuum cleaner to remove the spinach stuck in Boon’s teeth…

Let’s hope they won’t bring the house down!

Production Information

Comedy (non dialogue)
Target Audience:
All ages
Xilam Animation & Crossriver Productions
Production Year:
Created and directed by:
Paul Szajner & Robin Beaumont

Did you know?

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