Oggy and the Cockroaches

A cult series that kids and parents love watching together!


What’s blue and sweet and soft all over? Oggy! And he would be the most carefree cat in the world if three nasty little cockroaches hadn’t set up home in his house: Joey, Deedee and Marky, they’re dumb, ugly and mean and all they want to do is ruin Oggy’s life! It’s fast, explosive and hilarious… it’s Oggy and the Cockroaches!

Production Information

350 x 7′ – 7 Seasons
Seasons 5, 6 and 7 in 4K
Slapstick Comedy
Target Audience:
Xilam Animation
Production Year:
Created by:
Jean-Yves Raimbaud
Directed by:
Olivier Jean-Marie

Discover time immemorial wackiness in SEASON 5!

Since the beginning of time, Oggy has been fighting an ongoing battle with three despicable cockroaches who not only squat his house but his entire life as well!
Season 5 takes us back through History where we meet legendary characters such as Julius Cesar, Leonardo da Vinci or Napoleon. But we also get shot a thousand years into the future!

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